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Storm of Asgard final scan small by ChristopherStevens
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Reed, Johnny, Sue and Ben, by Mike Wieringo
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Reed, Johnny, Sue and Ben, by Mike Wieringo


Color color color
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Color color color

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Lauren YS’s “Kraken.”

On August 13th, 2014 in Vienna, Austria Lauren YS will open her first international solo show, “Kraken,” at Rabbit Eye Movement.  The show is a result of her summer residency at artist Nychos’s studio there in Vienna and will feature her hyper-kinetic, space age illustrations and paintings.  You can see more of her fantastic work below:

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dean cornwell 

Cornwell. Always amazed what he can do with a limited palette. Also check out my friend Daniels inspiration tumblr :)

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a lot of stuff has happened… i kept wanting to start up again but it never really felt right! but since there’s about to be another big shift now seems like a good time. i glossed over a lot of stuff, it was all probably definitely pretty unimportant.

i never want to live in ohio ever ever again.

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Marvel 75th Anniversary Covers by Alex Ross

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Don’t remember where I found these, but whoever made them is a hero.

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Leo, Mike, Raph and Don by Rich Pellegrino / Blog / Tumblr

Part of the tribute art show “Cowabunga! 30 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Opens July 19th 2014, at Iam8bit / Facebook

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I just learned about painter John Brosio. Wow. 

Here’s his website:

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